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This is a FREE community based virtual business and contact card with unique features that can be customized by users themselves.

Share your contact details globally to promote your goods and services. You can also use the CLUBvCARD to share and promote all the good work your service organization does to your community.

At present, user registration is restricted to members of selected volunteer service organizations only.

Reserve your unique name today before it's too late.

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CLUBvCARD is unique

Your virtual business card is hosted on cloud to be indexed by search engines and available online as a web page. It can be downloaded and stored in phone contacts by anyone.

Reliable connectivity

Get connected Globally within few seconds no matter where you are. Your CLUBvCARD is available everywhere with updated information of your goods and services.

Share with QR code

You no longer have to carry a set of cards in your pocket. Just flash your unique QR code from your mobile phone. This can be copied and displayed on anywhere you like.

Share on social media

Your virtual business card can be promoted online and shared with others through your social media pages. Just paste the QR code or URL of your personal CLUBvCARD.

You are on cloud

Your virtual presence on the cloud is provided by exclusive and reliable service providers with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means any update or customisation is available instantly.

Security and Privacy

You customize and manage your card content to protect your privacy. We provide industry standard security for your stored data. 2 Factor Authentication is mandatory.

Create your CLUBvCARD in any of the following languages with option to customize.

Afrikaans  Shqip  አማርኛ  عربي  Հայկական  অসমীয়া  Azərbaycan  Bamanankan  Akan  বাংলা  Euskara  Беларуская  भोजपुरी के  български  català  Cebuano  中文(简体)  中文(簡體)  Corsu  Hrvatski  Český  Dansk  Dhivehi  डोगरी  Nederlands  English  Esperanto  Eesti keel  Ewe  Filipino  Suomi  Français  Frysk  Galego  ქართული  Deutsch  Ελληνικά  Guarani  ગુજરાતી  Kreyòl ayisyen  Hausa  Hawaii  עברית  तमिल  Hmoob  Magyar  Íslenska  Igbo  Ilcano  Bahasa Indonesia  Gaeilge  Italiano  日本語  Basa Jawa  ಕನ್ನಡ  Қазақ  ខ្មែរ  Kinyarwanda  कोंकणी  한국어  Krio  Kurdî (Kurmancî)  کوردی (سۆرانی)   Кыргыз  ລາວ   latviešu  Lingala  Lietuvių   Oluganda  Lëtzebuergesch  Македонски  मैथिली  Malagasy  Melayu  മലയാളം  Malti  Maori  मराठी  ꯃꯅꯤꯄꯨꯔꯤ  Mizo  Монгол  မြန်မာ  नेपाली  Norsk  ଓଡିଆ  Oromoo  پښتو  فارسی  Polski  Português  ਪੰਜਾਬੀ  Quechua  Română  Русский  Samoa  Gàidhlig na h-Alba  Sepedi  српски  Sesotho  Shona  سنڌي  සිංහල  Slovenský  Slovenski  Somali  Español  Sudanese  Kiswahili  Svenska  точики  தமிழ்  Татар  తెలుగు  ไทย  ትግርኛ  Vatsonga  Türkçe  Türkmen  Twi  українська  اردو  ئۇيغۇر  O'zbek  Tiếng Việt  Cymraeg  IsiXhosa  יידיש  Yoruba  Zulu